Winter Garden

The winter has left the gardens at Ardgillan looking stark and enchanting. With the passing of the season we can now see life starting to return. An array of shrubs and flowers, many of which are emanating a beautiful fragrance are growing within the gardens, making it a great time to come and explore.

The winter colour and fragrance is amazing, the autumn season stayed beyond its time and some autumn owers are still with us adding to the winter colour. There is lots of colour from evergreen, gold and variegated foliage. From Pittosporum, Elaeagnus, Myrtus and Photinia.

The Salix drimys is displaying lovely stern colours and buds. The catkins that are growing on the Garrya elliptica and Corylus Avellana (hazel) are looking beautiful.

There are bright winter owers on the Jasmine, Mahonia and Viburnum that are growing in the garden. Many of the winter owering shrubs also exude a lovely fragrance. These add to the experience and make the gardens a great place to visit this time of year. These include Viburnum Farreri, Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis, and Chimonanthus praecoxwhich is one of the best for fragrances.

There are plenty of signs that spring is on its way with the Sycopsis sinensis breaking into ower, some daffodils leaves are already nearly 8 inches tall and we are currently seeing a beautiful display of snowdrops coming into bloom on the top avenue. The park is also full of wildlife with lots of robins and birds enjoying the beautiful gardens.