Late Summer Gardens

 Ardgillan’s summer gardens are looking spectacular. Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the gardens. The rose garden is just past its peek but is still looking a highlight of our summer gardens. The herbaceous border, is displaying a magnicent array of colour, with Campanula London Anna, Phloxs, Nepeta (Cat Mint), Geraniums and many others in full ower with more to bloom over the next few months. But stealing the show on the herbaceous border is the Onapordium Accantium (Cotton Thistle), standing at a dramatic 8ft x 4ft and silver in colour. It really is a show-stopper.

The ornamental areas in the walled garden are looking good with the penstemons on the scree bed particularly striking. The south facing bed in the trellis garden was widened this year, giving us the opportunity to add more colour. The additional bed in the potentilla garden has Nemesia one of my favourite flowers and will have a display of Lilies soon hopefully followed by Chrysanthemums.

The herb garden has an ever expanding collection, with 10 different varieties of thyme and mint and nearly as many different varieties of sage and oregano. The vegetable garden is producing well, and there is going to be a bountiful crop of fruit this year.