Conor McMahon

Opening Reception: Saturday 13th January, 2pm to 4pm

Location: Lower Ground Floor, Ardgillan Castle, Balbriggan
Opening hours: Wed – Sun, 10am to 4pm

Defy Gravity is a series of works by Conor McMahon derived from photographic studies of landscapes and objects happened upon at locations local and international over the last 30 years.

McMahon created these works because he sees the concept of entropy manifested in these landscapes and objects. McMahon is excited by this concept, which can be summarised as the general trend of the universe toward death and disorder and he’s like to think of these works as a tribute to entropy and how he sees it as the only real constant throughout the entirety of all our human and ‘civilising’ endeavours.

Conor McMahon is a Dublin-based sculptor, photographer, composer and interaction designer. He creates artefacts from moments captured as drawing, text, music, video, sound and object. He is motivated by the interpretations these artefacts can provoke, while at the same time presenting them simply as rewritten moments from his daily ritual and experience.