One Response to Loss is the Remaking of Things
From the spoken essay, “The Creatures of the World Have Not Been Chastened”, by poet and essayist Lia Purpura – Emergence Magazine podcast, May 2022

Ardgillan Gallery presents

One Response to Loss is the Remaking of Things

a solo exhibition by Jessica Brouder.

The exhibition is open from 3pm to 5pm on Saturday 12th August and runs until Sunday 24th September 2023.

Brouder reuses everyday objects and materials which would be otherwise discarded. Over several months, the artist collected domestic single-use plastic from food items and packaging. Brouder’s process involved washing, cutting, and weaving this shimmering, malleable material. Her practice of attention is an act of defiance, stopping the cycle of waste. Brouder works with a found colour palette to weave tapestries – a slow and methodical process. The plastic is re-formed into elemental shapes suggestive of landscapes. Her artwork challenges our view of the debris in our lives, and the impact of a consumerist single-use society. In One Response to Loss is the Remaking of Things, the viewer is asked to consider what plastic is and how it came from the earth.

Jessica Brouder is an Irish Canadian visual artist and art educator based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Influenced by folk art and craft, Brouder’s material-based practice focuses on locally collected societal debris as her primary conceptual and material source. She explores the potential of this everyday ephemera as a vehicle for thinking through ideas of attention, care, and interconnected systems. Brouder employs traditional textile techniques to transform material, to re-form it, infusing the already culture-full objects with process and in so doing giving time tangible form. Brouder holds an MFA in Medium and Material Based Art (Textiles) from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, and a BFA in Fine Art (Painting) from Limerick School of Art and Design.