Plant a tree at Ardgillan Demense

How it works

Planting a tree in our Commemorative Tree Walks is a great way to celebrate a life, a birth or a special occasion. You may dedicate a tree for €100. This fee includes the purchase of the tree, planting, maintenance and a unique id number. You will receive a certificate of dedication and all information will be retained on the Ardgillan website. All trees are planted and cared for by our dedicated team of park superintendents. We do our best to purchase Native Irish species and place them in the varying trees walks around Ardgillan Demesne.

If you wish to purchase a tree, please complete an application form and contact [email protected] for further information.

A list of currently available trees can be viewed by clicking here. 


Who does the planting?
Fingal Co. Co. in conjunction with the Parks Superintendent for Ardgillan Demesne will oversee the planting of the trees on the walk.

Who will look after the tree?
The Parks Superintendent for Ardgillan Demesne will have the overall responsibility for the watering, pruning and any other maintenance required.

Can I attach a plaque or other memorabilia to my tree?
Unfortunately, no, as we wish to keep a uniform look along the walkway. There will be a brass plaque visible with the tree number on each tree. No other items will be allowed to be attached to the tree, or placed at the base of the tree.

When will my tree be planted?
We have initially planted 10 trees along the walkway, which are available for dedication now. Going forward, trees will be planted once, annually, during National Tree Week (during 1st week of March). Trees will only be planted in a block basis following a list of requests from the previous year.

Can I choose the type of tree planted?
No, all trees planted will be a Native Irish Oak Tree.

How much does it cost to dedicate a tree?
Each Commemorative Native Irish Oak tree will be accommodated at a cost of €100. This is to cover the purchase cost of the tree. Fingal County Council will plant and cover replacement cost, if the tree fails to take root.

How can I apply to dedicate a tree?
An application form must be completed and returned with payment to Balbriggan/ Swords Operations Department, Fingal County Council, Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

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