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Drone footage of Ardgillan Castle courtesy of Xhemajl Abdullahu
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The Hidden Gem – Just some pieces shot in Ardgillan

Whether it’s a movie, documentary, TV advert, or music video, shoots can take place here in the stunning setting of Ardgillan Castle. A variety of productions have used Ardgillan Castle and Demesne as their location, making it Ireland’s most spectacular hidden gem.

Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Heros

Callan Kicks

Calvary with Brendan Gleeson

Dont Tell The Bride 

Ernestine & Kit

Fingal’s Finest 1916


Irish TV

Livin’ With Lucy

Mario Rosenstock Show


One Night Stand with Jennifer Maguire

RTE Two Tube

RTE Shakedown The Town


Many photo shoots for commericals, magazines and music videos take place in Ardgillan Castle and Demesne. If you would like to use our amazing hidden gem as part of your production please feel free to contact us.

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