Ardgillan Demesne Tour: New Date Sun 19th Feb

Ardgillan Demesne Tour 2017



Ardgillan Castle Demesne Tour

Visitors will be taken on a tour of the demesne to discover the history of the past that lies hidden in the landscape.

The landscape at Ardgillan is dotted with features and structures that give us an indication of what life was like in the past. The tour will be based in history but will also offer anecdotal evidence of what life was like before Ardgillan was open to the public.

Delivered by Tom Reilly, Property Manager.

Sunday 19th February at 2:30pm.

Free of charge.

Limited availability/Booking Essential.

This tour is on the history of the park and may not be suitable for young children.There are parts of the tour that will not be accessible for buggies, people with mobility issues and anyone that is not able bodied. As the tour is about the hidden features in the landscape we will be exploring areas of the park where the terrain will be uneven and overgrown. Please bear this in mind when dressing for the tour. Sensible footwear is a must!


***We will begin the tour outside the front of the castle, however the 2nd stop is at the top of the avenue so if you would prefer not to walk up the avenue please feel free to meet us there.***



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