25th Anniversary Event

25th Anniversary Ardgillan Castle


Ardgillan Castle is celebrating being open to the public for 25 years on Sunday May 14th

Join us for a day of celebration that includes; Living History Reenactments in that Castle, Traditional Craft Demonstrations in the Courtyard and Entertainment in the Marquee.

This is a FREE event, and is suitable for all ages.

Living History Includes:

  • A Grand Ball: Music & Dance – The Dancing Master leads the steps of Country Dances, etc….for a party of 10 elegant ladies and gentlemen who will be glad to help you join the cotillion.
  • The Music Man – While the Quality have their dances upstairs, downstairs make music of their own, with tunes from Carolan, and traditional pipes and harping.
  • The Domestic Arts – Cook rules the 18th century kitchen; cooking, needlework, spinning & weaving to taste and try.
  • Children’s Games – Pall-Mall, skittles, quoits, spinning tops, cup-and-ball; all very different from today’s pursuits!
  • The Barber-Surgeon – 18th century medicine at its very worst! Get your teeth pulled, bloodletting and hair cutting performed with equal skill (not really!).
  • The School Master – he will teach the unlettered to write with a quill pen and explain how to keep a record with tally sticks.
  • The Blacksmith – Hear the ring of the anvil as the blacksmith plies his trade.

 Traditional Craft Stalls:

  • Pottery
  • Basket Making
  • Embroidery
  • Wool Spinning
  • Lace Making
  • Wood Turning


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