Art Exhibitions

Ardgillan Castle has long been recognised in the region as a place where art meets an audience.

With over 100,000 visitors a year the castle management encourages artists to showcase their art in majestic surroundings that create an atmosphere of contemplation, perfect to appreciate art and in all its full-colour glory.

The castle can host a range of different kinds of art exhibitions, for example retrospectives which  look back over the work of a single artist, individual expositions, group expositions, or expositions on a specific theme or topic.

Such expositions may present (photographic) pictures, paintings, illustrations, or sculptures by individual artists, groups of artists, or a specific form of art.

In many instances the art is for sale and the exhibit is universally understood to be for a temporary period, to be agreed between castle management and the artists.

Artists who are interested in showcasing their work at Ardgillan can do so free of charge. The castle management only seek a percentage commission from any works that are sold. This is what is known in the art world (and indeed the real world) as a ‘win win situation’.

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